3 Steps to a Slim Trim Waistline

What is the first area of a woman's body to show deterioration? With many women, it is the midsection. Nothing reveals poor physical condition as quickly as a sloppy waistline.

Few things stand out on the beach as much as a slim, trim waistline. Even in clothes a slim waistline can make your positive traits more alluring and your negative ones less noticeable. 

The 3 Steps

(1) Posture

One very important fact in slimming your waistline is posture. When the muscle tone of the rectus abdominus decreases through inactivity, the bulging-belly syndrome appears. As muscle tone is lost, the accumulated fat causes the waistline to stretch even further. Poor posture makes the problem worse by accentuating the midsection area. Therefore, lack of tone of the abdominal muscles and poor posture combine to make the waistline sag and bulge. This alone can add two or three inches to your waist measurement.

As a woman becomes overweight, she usually accumulates fat in the nature's natural fat storage area which is located in the waist and hip area. This area is called the panniculus adiposis. It is a sac-like fat storage area that nature provides us with to be used much the same way a bear stores fat for hibernation. If you were grossly obese, however, the fat would spread to your hips, thighs, chest, arms, and the rest of your body.


(2) Diet

To eliminate the fatty tissue around your waist, you must be prepared to reduce the percentage of fat in your body. This simply means you must reduce your daily caloric intake.

The traditionally prescribed 1000 calorie diet was most likely chosen originally by trial and error since its long-term application does produce satisfactory fat loss in all individuals. The actual degree of restriction may be varied according to individual differences between 800 and 1500 calories a day. Here is a sample of a 1000-calorie diet.

1000 Calorie Menu


1/2 cup orange juice 

1/2 cup cooked cereal (artificial sweetener may be used)

2 eggs with 1 teaspoon of margarine

1 cup skimmed milk

Black coffee or tea



3 ounces lean roast beef

1 slice bread

Green salad as desired

1 medium apple 

Coffee or tea



1 piece chicken (not fried)

1/2 cup English peas

Green salad as desired

1 slice bread

1/2 banana

1 cup skimmed milk


(3) Exercise

Exercise is certainly an important factor in slimming your waistline because this improves the muscle tone that in turn tightens the entire midsection area. It also allows you to burn more energy by increasing your metabolic rate. Proper exercise, in combination with the 1000 calorie diet, will guarantee the loss of unwanted flab.

As muscle tone increases from exercise, your posture will also improve. Your midsection will be held flat by the strength of your abdominal muscles; but you will want to help this process by making concerted effort to sit and stand straight.

The Exercise Routine

Sitting leg tuck: Sit on the edge 

of a bench or chair, balancing your weight with your hands behind you. Now stretch your legs, point your toes, and raise your feet just above the ground. Bend your knees and try to touch them with your chin (or almost). Then extend or stretch your legs upwards at an angle of 45 degrees to the body. Slowly lower your legs to the starting position and repeat. This exercise works for the entire midsection area, but especially the large rectus abdominus muscles.

Side bend: Stand with your feet slightly apart and link your hands above your head. Bend slowly to the right as far as possible. Make sure that your arms are held close to your head, that your body does not lean either forward or backward, and that your legs are straight. Return to the starting position and repeat to the left side. The oblique muscles, located on the sides of your waist, are alternately stretched and contracted in this movement. 

Negatively-accentuated sit-up: In the seated position (preferably on a pad)with your feet securely anchored, fold your hands across your chest. While keeping your chin tucked, slowly lower your body (it should take from six to eight seconds) until your back touches the floor. At this point use your hands and arms to assist you in sitting up (so you can concentrate on the lowering or negative position of the exercise). This is the best single exercise for the muscles that compose the abdominal area. 

Be sure to stay active on your non-exercise days. Do as much walking as you can. Be conscious of your posture. Do not forget about the 1000-calorie diet. The recommended exercises will strengthen your midsection muscles, but in order to eliminate the excess fat, you must control your caloric intake. That is it - posture, weight, and exercise. The three steps to a slim, trim waistline. Give them a 30 day trial. You will not be disappointed. Join our facebook private group: VigorUS Fitness Shop


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