Fitness and Sex (Older Population)

One of the immediate effects of fitness is what it does to one's performance in bed, first as to frequency and second as to quality. The more responsive your organism, the more heightened your sexual sensations. If you are fatigued and flabby, your response will match your physical state. But it is more than your sensory apparatus. Sex is a strength and endurance event. It makes demands on the neuromuscular and cardiovascular systems. There is a certain muscular fatigue from sexual postures. Perhaps the most demanding aspects of sex from physiological point of view is that it produces an elevated heart rate and blood pressure. If you're out of shape, your performance will suffer.

Senior couple

When a person has been out of physical activity because of a heart attack or some other disabling disease, he never feels that he's whole again until he can resume sexual activity. It does not matter what else he can do; if he cannot do the, he has not recovered. Once he can, he has.

Even among healthy people, there is no greater measure of manness or womanness that one's ability in bed. A person who is healthy- free of illness may nonetheless be unfit for satisfactory sexual relations. The contrary is beautifully true. Herbert De Vries, a USC exercise physiologist, did a series of studies on residents of Leisure World in Southern California. he found that exercise lessened the depressive states often found in older people and that those with higher fitness scores also reported a more satisfactory sexual life in their later years.

If you like yourself as a physical being, this enables you to relate more readily to others. You're more willing to have them look at you, touch you and have relations with you. If you don't feel goof about yourself, you cannot send effective signals to another person. Those signals are sex appeal.

If you only do some exercise, then, you'll get something more out of life. You'll look somewhat younger, feel somewhat better and probably live somewhat longer than would have had you done no exercise at all. If you don't exercise, you're taking the risk of becoming a dependent organism. When a demand is made on you, you'll have to depend on someone else to do your job. If no one does, you won't survive. 

Given the alternatives, the choice seems easy. If your psychological perspectives are in order, you'll want to get fit. Nature has made a provision for that by giving the organism fantastic adaptability, so that you can upgrade your condition in a few days to a point where you will no longer be prostrate in the face of demands. 

If looking and feeling better, and probably living longer, aren't sufficient arguments, there is yet another to consider. Exercise is the key to painless and permanent loss of flab - the excess fat we accumulate when we slacken.



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