Intern Fitness Trainer

VigorUS Fitness Shop
Toronto, Ontario

Job Summary

  • Part-time intern position in an organization where you can make a difference in people’s lives
  • Develop and facilitate fitness exercise programs for individuals or small groups
  • Promote lifelong adhere to a health and fitness program through realistic goal setting and education
  • Provide participants with in-depth information on the principles of strength training, flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning, injury prevention and general nutrition. 
  •  Preparedness to provide emergency assistance, if necessary 
  • Supervise clients as they train to ensure they are maximizing their workout

Job Responsibilities

  •  Be punctual, reliable and conduct yourself in a professional manner
  •  Prospect leads by doing a variety of actions such as sharing flyers, calling, texting, or emailing potential members.
  •  Maintain long-term clientele and grow business membership base through sales, new member onboarding, and excellent customer service.
  •  Handle members’ issues professionally and objectively, to resolve them through exceptional customer service.
  •  Train clients virtually, at home or at the gym.
  •  Provide a positive and safe training environment and experience for all participants
  •  Conduct health and fitness assessments for all participants
  •  Train participants according to daily workouts provided in training log
  •  Help participants obtain goals and keep training charts up to date and accurately
  •  Take pride in each and every client, assisting them in every way possible
  •  Communicate client progress and/or problems with supervisor
  •  Seek regular client feedback
  • Follow up on all communications from clients
  •  Be up to date with fitness and health information and attend all trainer meetings


  • Minimum 10 hours needed per week and a minimum of 6 months commitment
  • Must have positive, enthusiastic, energetic personality
  •  Must enjoy working with people
  • Must be comfortable conversing with clients in person and over the phone in a polite, professional, friendly manner
  • Must have a working knowledge of health and fitness and the human body, and be able to quickly grasp and apply new concepts

Additional Information

VigorUS Fitness internships are unpaid. However, interns who demonstrate excellent performance may be eligible for employment after the internship is completed.


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