Elastic Band Resistance Training - A Few Reasons Why

Elastic Band Resistance Training - A Few Reasons Why

Do you even need resistance training in your workout regime?

We often get confused on what fitness trends actually work and which does not.

Today, I am here to convince you to incorporate elastic band resistance training into your fitness regime. A study was done by Jafarnezhadgero A. et al. (2021) to examine the effect of elastic band resistance training on kinetics and muscle activities during walking in young adults with genu valgus.

X-ray image of a patient with Genu Valgus

In the study, two groups were seperated into control group and intervention group. The intervention group did a 14 weeks elastic band training while the control group were passive. When they did the examination of both groups, they found in the intervention group that resistance training improved the tibial mechanical axis angle, significantly larger walking speed, larger peak medial group reaction force, lower peak medial group reaction force, lower peak positive free moment amplitude and higher rectus femoris and gluteus medius activities.

It is evident that incorporating an elastic band training into your workout would really help improve your physique, speed, muscle connectivity and reaction. Now, I am not a licensed kinesiologist but I did 2 years studying kinesiology at York University. I can tell you it has helped improve my squat form and hip strength. Checkout my shop to get your own resistance band today. It is currently on sale. Support a small business and equip yourself for a stronger you!

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