The Fighting Spirit Conquers Discouragement

The Fighting Spirit Conquers Discouragement

Discouragement plays a role in one's failure. The definition of discouragement according to Google is "a loss of confidence or enthusiasm; dispiritedness". It is a negative emotion that affects performance and overall well-being. 

Rick Warren mentions that there are four causes of discouragement:

  • Fear
  • Failure
  • Fatigue
  • Frustration 

He recommended some strategies to help defeat discouragement:

  • Rest your body 
  • Reorganize your life 
  • Remember that God will help you 
  • Resist the discouragement 

These are great insights into the topic, but what if you have tried everything and it still is not working? Now, this is what we will be talking about today. First of all, you need to decide if you are feeling discouraged, so here are a few signs that you are feeling discouraged:

  • You feel unwilling to accept new tasks
  • You do not feel excited to go to work most days
  • You do not see the impact of your work
  • You do not feel like you have any advancement opportunities 
  • You lack focus when you work
  • You feel like giving up 
  • You begin to look for a easier route to attain better performance 
  • You feel inferior to your colleagues 
  • You feel overwhelmed 

Now, I am not here to be empathetic about your situation. I want you to be upset. You are so much more and you know this. Discouragement feels like when you are running a race and you are being booed and hissed at by the audience. The audience could be in your head or your environment. You need to fight back! You can do this and I know it. Here are some practical ways to fight the devil in your head:

  • Practice gratitude, and thank God for the challenge
  • Think about how far you have come 
  • Refuse to fear, yes, DECIDE
  • Focus on your strengths 
  • Take the first step and stay focused on tasks
  • Mentally visualize your tasks or challenge as an opponent you are trying to take out
  • Don't forget to pace yourself
  • Choose your battles

When you are feeling discouraged to go to the gym, make a mental note that this is a challenge that you must face. How often do you lose the battles that you are faced with? Not sure? It is time you take account. To defeat discouragement in fitness, you need to do the following:

  • Decide what your motivations are. Are they a priority?
  • Revisit your motivations and use them as tools to win your fight each time.
  • Be creative with how to execute your workouts to spice things up.
  • Have a relationship with yourself and talk to yourself (e.g. ask yourself how you feel after each workout and remind yourself of the benefit of working out)
  • Don't forget to celebrate after each workout, even if it is that funny dance you do after each workout.

It is okay if you don't win your fight every time, keep yourself accountable and push forward. You've got this. If you need an accountability partner, don't hesitate to reach me, at 647-994-0547.




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